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Paper Chase Music Our New Era

1.) Tell us about your current music/album. What inspired this project and what motivated you to complete it?

My project is actually a 2 part project called the’ free agent movement’ written and produced/corroded by myself and this really talented DJ/Producer named ‘DJ Coach tea the project was inspired by motivation to create music independently without a major record deal.

2.) How long have you been producing/writing/engineering music?Man! I’ve been mcing since my early teens (8th grade).

I started out freestyling which quickly evolved into battle rapping. Battle rapping put me in a position to show my skills on DJ Felli Fell’s ‘whoa call on power106. I eventually set the record for having the most wins being the first to hit 15 weeks in a row! Shortly after I went to college (CSUN) to broaden my own personal growth and development as an artist and producer. I eventually connected with a few very talented artist and began working on a new sound we called hip rock’. The band was called ‘ full clip ‘ we were blessed to perform all over Southern California displaying this great new sound along with our own twist on cover songs anything from Carlos Santana to Jay-Z. Now I am focusing on creating a new sound for my upcoming project.

3.) How would you describe your music/album?

Honest, real, relatable to anyone who thrives off of hunger to be great at what you are truly passionate about!

4.) Is anyone in your family a musician(s)? If so or if there aren’t any musicians in your family, please tell us about how you came to expressing yourself thru this medium.

I have a few talented musicians in my family, but the one person who inspired me to not only rap, but taking my craft serious, is the legendary Tupac Shakur. He taught me to always speak from the heart and be real.

5.) What do you want people to get out of your music?

I want the listeners to get a certain enjoyment out of the lyrical content as well as the crafty wordplay. I want my music to memorable you know. Life’s soundtrack.

6.) Have you studied music or taken classes in the field of creative arts?

Never but I probably should have. It would have just enriched my craft as far as production. But as far as rap, class can’t teach you to be great at mcing in my opinion.

7.) What life experiences inspire you the most?

Love, money, struggles, drugs, childhood…etc. Mainly love, and struggle which is rooted from my childhood.

8.) What city and county are are you from?

Inglewood! !!!! I grew up in Inglewood, but I have been in the valley since college.

9.) What are your plans for 2015?

put out a great body of work for the listeners and traveling the world hopefully to display what I love to do, hip hop!

10.) When do you write lyrics? In the morning, the night, while on break at work or school…etc?

I am a writer who’s inspired by how I feel at the moment. If a dope line hits me while I’m taking a shit, I gotta write it down. I probably wrote some of my best rhymes. ….maybe I’m going too far!haha!

11.) Tell me about your recent music video and the concept?

The next music video I will be focusing on is called ‘something like great the visual I want to capture is people who are talented whether it’s sports, painting, mcing, etc., creating greatness in their own zone.

12.) How did you evolve as an artist and a person in 2014?

I’ve learned a lot! from live performances with Full Clip and almost signing to an indie label. It taught me that no matter what road life takes you down always stay passionate about what you love to do!

13.) How do you plan to grow in 2015 as an artist?

My plan is to project my music to the masses, and I would really like to write a screenplay.

14.) Name the 3 top artists that have inspired you?

Tupac of course, Big Krit, and Kendrick Lamar.

15.) How do you stay motivated and recording in the studio?

What do you think about in order to finish a track or album?
My daughter.

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